Video: Tips on How to Use Acura's Navigation System

Navigation systems are extremely helpful whether you are often on the road for long trips, or you simply need some help getting around your hometown. The Acura Navigation System is the main focus of the technology package from this manufacturer. A hard drive provides quick access to data, which is displayed on an 8-inch screen. Easy and convenient to use, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road while being directed where you need to go. There is even a destination database, which comes in very handy if you can’t seem to locate an exact address. Optional 3D viewing and Real-Time Traffic updates round out this impressive package. Let’s take a look at how you utilize the Acura Navigation System while behind the wheel.

  • The menu button is located on the instrument panel. This menu allows you to navigate all of the available functions.

  • ‘Destination’ should be selected in order to key in an address. There are categories and common locations that you can select from as well. A keypad will pop up to help you through this process. Simply press the dial in order to select what you are looking for. It can be a bit time consuming to dial in each letter that you want to select, but this is also a very accurate method.

  • The map can be navigated by using the control dial. You can zoom in and out by using this dial. You can change your location if need be, or you can end the navigation at any time.

  • The stand-alone mode can be used with your cell phone. When you leave your vehicle, your phone will show you where your parked vehicle remains. This is helpful if you are in a new area and can easily forget where you parked.

Steer clear of bumper-to-bumper traffic while navigating your next trip with ease. You’ll have extensive information at your fingertips within 48 states. You’ll even be able to see what traffic updates are accidents, what delays are caused by weather, etc. Alternate routes can often get you to your final destination is as much as ten percent less time. Stop down to DEALER if you would like to see how the Acura Navigation System functions. This feature is included in the majority of the Acura vehicles that are currently on our lot.

We’ll get you behind the wheel for a test drive, so you can see what all the fuss is about. We know you’re going to love this feature for convenience and navigation.

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