5 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Spring

2018 Acura TLX Rear

You are ready for the great outdoors this spring, but is your car prepared? So many families set out for adventure during the warm months only to be disappointed when their vehicles succumb to the stresses of winter weather and, sometimes, outright neglect. The only way to avoid unexpected breakdowns on the road is to be proactive in your car care routine. Here are five tips to consider when you are preparing your vehicle spring.

1. Wash Your Car

Many vehicle owners double as homeowners who religiously engage in spring cleaning every year. Unfortunately, they forget that their automobile is also in need of such tender loving care. Your auto’s exterior has endured harsh weather conditions not limited to snow and ice. You should put the same amount of attention into making sure that you paint job lasts for a long time by giving your car a thorough washing.

Those who go to a car wash house should opt to pay more for a premium session that will not miss various nooks and crannies. You should consider adding baking soda to your mixture if you are washing your car at home. It is important to remember to vacuum your car as well. What good is an extensive cleansing on the outside if the inside looks horrible?

2. Make Sure Your Tire Pressures Are Good

You do your wallet a great disservice when you ignore tire pressures on your vehicle. Various studies show that under-inflated tires lead to more money on fuel and premature replacement of tires. Your vehicle’s steering even suffers when the tire pressure is low.

Cold air has a way of negatively impacting tires, which is why you should take time to check all of your wheels before heading out on a road trip in spring. You should also pay a professional to rotate your tires regularly. Waiting until you have a flat tire is not the time to switch things around.

3. Replace Winshield Wipers and Top-Off Fluids

The winter has wreaked havoc on those wiper blades. The good news is that spring and summer are the best time to replace this accessory since wipers are not in high demand during this time. You do not need to pay someone to replace your wiper blades unless you want to indulge in such luxury. It is relatively easy for anyone to change out defective windshield wipers for new ones.

Another component of your car that you want to check before hitting the road is its fluids. Imagine being in the middle of your grand road trip and discovering that there is no windshield cleaner or, worse, coolant. You do not want to be one of those unfortunate souls who have to put water where lubricant should go. Having a professional check your fluids at the beginning of spring, then, is best.

4. Make Sure Your Battery Is In Good Condition

It is incredibly disheartening to have everything in place for a superb road trip only for such preparations to be thwarted by a dead battery. The only thing worse than such occasion is to have your car’s battery die in the middle of nowhere. Many late model cars have battery monitors built into their systems that tell drivers when the juice is getting low. You should not ignore these signals in hopes of your battery miraculously getting energy from an unknown source.

5. Change Your Oil

Oil changes are the source that your vehicle needs to perform well. You run the risk of cutting your vehicle’s life short when you bypass regular oil changes. You should always follow the manufacturer’s warranty when it comes to switching out your engine’s lubricant and never go on a long road trip without at least having a professional check your oil levels. The last thing that you want to do is destroy your car’s motor by putting unnecessary pressure on it.

Many car repair shops offer an all-in-one package when it comes to general maintenance. Stop by Acura of Peoria today to let one of our skilled technicians get your vehicle ready for spring!

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