5 Tips for Increasing Your Vehicle Resale Value

When it comes to owning a car, there will likely be a time when you need to sell it and buy a newer model. Once you're ready to advertise the vehicle, you'll want to increase the resale value to ensure that you make more money off of the car and can find the right buyer. When you're ready to enhance the appeal of the vehicle, there are a few main tips to follow.

  1.  Detail the Interior
    The condition of your car's interior significantly influences what it's worth. Make it a point to clean up the car and have it detailed by a professional. You can also clean it yourself by vacuuming the seats, wiping down the dashboard, conditioning the leather upholstery, and shampooing the carpet. Removing any dirt, stains, and crumbs that are present to make the car look newer and allow the buyer to feel more comfortable using it.

  2. Perform Repairs
    How the car operates also determines its value. Buyers don't want to purchase a car that they'll have to perform repairs on once they own it. Make it a point to perform an inspection on the vehicle with the help of a professional mechanic who can diagnose any issues that may be present. You'll also want to schedule a tune-up and change the oil to ensure that the car operates well when it's test driven by the buyer. The tires may also need to be rotated or replaced depending on how much traction is present. Following a maintenance schedule and keeping your receipts and records will also offer peace of mind to the buyer.

  3. Wax the Exterior
    Your car's paint will influence its appeal and how new it looks, making it necessary to wax the car to increase its shine and allow it to look attractive. You'll also want to buff out any dents or scratches that are present to create a flawless body. If the car's paint is faded or the car has a bold color shade, you can also invest in a paint job to increase its appeal and allow it to look new again.

  4. Keep the Mileage Down
    Each mile that is added to your car affects its value, making it necessary to keep the mileage down as much as possible. Avoid using the vehicle too much to get around town to prevent excess wear from occurring. Consider biking or carpooling with other people to limit how much the car is used. You can also consider renting a vehicle if you plan to drive to another state or take a road trip to avoid adding thousands of miles to the car.

  5. Park it in a Sheltered Location
    Storing your car in a sheltered location will protect the exterior from exposure to environmental elements to ensure that you preserve the paint. Consider parking it in the garage when it's not in use or under an awning. You can also use a car cover that will protect the vehicle in different weather conditions. A cover will limit its exposure to the sun and can also prevent it from becoming damaged during storms. Covers also control the temperature inside of the vehicle on warm days to prevent the plastic and leather materials from becoming damaged from the heat.

If you want to learn more about how you can increase your vehicle resale value, you can contact our dealership or visit us in person. Our experts can also assist you in finding a new vehicle and learning about our financing options that are available.

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