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Acura, Security and You

Acura stands out from its competition with enhanced security measures and features that streamline the basic motions that you're used to with every other vehicle, such as pulling the keys out of your pocket and using the key fob to unlock the doors. When your arms are full, this can be quite aggravating.

This is why Acura's lineup introduces a new way to keep your vehicle safe while unlocking it only for you. With Keyless Entry, you can simply walk up to your car and grab the handle while the key fob is on your person and the car will instantly recognize its owner, unlocking whichever door you happen to be at. The vehicle will also automatically lock the doors behind you when it detects that you're leaving.

In addition, you can alter the door settings to change how the passenger, driver and tailgate doors respond to your input in different situations. There are a few nifty tricks that have been incorporated into Acura's hardware that make it easy to impress your friends and family while deterring unwanted individuals from breaking and entering. Of course, it wouldn't be an Acura if there wasn't also an anti-lock function in the event the key fob is left inside the vehicle when you attempt to lock it.

How It Works

Here, we'll walk you through the general ins, outs and need-to-knows about gracefully tapping your security system without ever needing to reach for your keys again.

Keyless Entry will activate only if you grab the door handle with the key fob equipped on your person. This means that you can't accidentally unlock the car simply by walking past it or standing near it. You also have the option of manually unlocking the doors with the fob. In addition, unlocking the driver door will only unlock that door; unlocking another door will unlock all doors and the tailgate.

Serving as a reverse Keyless Entry feature, you can just as easily lock your Acura using the automatic locking feature again by walking away from it with all doors closed and the vehicle motionless. This will work while the engine is on or off. You can also manually lock the vehicle using the fob or the controls inside the doors. However, the doors will not lock under any circumstances while the transmitter is left unattended inside the vehicle.

If your Acura is equipped with a tailgate, there's a button underneath the handle for it in the back that will trigger the auto-open mechanism. If you'd prefer to open it manually, you can hold the button longer until it beeps twice, unlatching it without the mechanical assistance. If your fob has a key for it, you can also open it that way whether the vehicle is on or off.

Come Try It Out!

If you're interested in the security and convenience of Acura's door functions, feel free to drop in for a demonstration. You can also call us and ask about these features and more. We're always here to help!

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