Acura All Wheel Drive

Precision All-Wheel Steering is a system that can independently adjust the toe angle of the rear wheels of your car to give it fully independent rear steering. Whenever the front wheels are steered, the rear wheels can pivot as much as 1.8 degrees in the same direction to make lane changes smoother and more natural. They can also pivot in the opposite direction of your front wheels to help you rotate into a turn.

The system is often combined with the Vehicle Stability Assist and the Agile Handling Assist systems to add even more stability to your drive. These systems apply the brakes to the front and rear inside wheels and help further pivot the car as it is turning and give you extra stability as you drive.

Precision All-Wheel Steering can also be used while braking. If you brake at high speeds, the rear wheels angle inward to increase the car's stability as it is braking. This allows you to stop more suddenly and safely. If the brakes are applied at lower speeds, the car becomes easier to maneuver in tight spaces such as parking lots and garages.

Precision All-Wheel Steering vs. All-Wheel Drive

Precision All-Wheel Steering has been compared to all-wheel drive in the way it applies power to all four wheels. The difference between All-Wheel Steering and all-wheel drive is a matter of power. While all-wheel drive distributes power to each of the four wheels to give you better traction, All-Wheel Steering allows all four wheels to move independently. It increases your maneuverability, but not necessarily your traction.

Right now, the 2019 TLX and the 2018 RLX from Acura can come with Precision All-Wheel Steering if they have the proper powertrain. Our dealership can provide you with more information on this feature and install it for you if you have the right vehicle. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns that you have.