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Super Handling All-Wheel Drive is affectionately known as SH-AWD for short. Unlike most all-wheel-drive systems, SH-AWD doesn't just help your driving performance in the middle of bad weather. It's capable of improving handling even when the road is dry and clear. How exactly did Acura manage to come up with an all-wheel-drive system that is capable of boosting your driving performance even when nothing adverse is happening? You'd have to ask the designers at Acura to get an in-depth answer, but we're here to tell you the short version of the technology.

The Proper Power Distribution Between Front and Rear Wheels

When your Acura is equipped with Super Handling All-Wheel Driving, it is continuously analyzing your road conditions and determining the proper power distribution between front and rear wheels. When we say continuous, we mean it. Your Acura equipped with this system will be a continuously monitoring force for you, making sure that you always have the right kind of power to your wheels.

Not only can the system determine what kind of power distribution to the wheels should be, but it can improve your gas efficiency up to 90% by making sure that when things are okay and clear, it's your front wheels that get most of the power. How much of a difference will that make in your monthly gas bill? Our guess is you're going to be glad you got a model with this feature by the time you see how much money it saves you on gas.

Better Rotation in a Turn

SH-AWD also reduces understeering and plants you still more firmly on the road by making sure that the outside rear wheel spins 2.7% faster than other wheels. The short story of that innovative design by Acura gives you better rotation in a turn and a firm grip on the road at all times, no matter how big your turn is or how overwhelming your speed might be. SH-AWD is a true blessing to Acura drivers, and many people right now are lining up to get models that have this feature standard or even optional.

If you are buying a model that has SH-AWD optional, please consider adding it to your list of must-have features. You never know when this kind of stability feature is going to save your life in the middle of a rough turn or even on a snowy or rainy day. If you'd like to learn more about Super Handling All-Wheel Drive, available on select Acura models, please call or visit our dealership today. We'd love to discuss SH-AWD with you.

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