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How to Use AcuraWatch


Vehicle safety features are vital tools to help instill confidence in drivers while sharing the road. AcuraWatch is a collection of the latest safety technology that assists in mitigating collisions. These features work toward creating a zero-collision society and ensuring safety for all occupants.

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Why it Makes Sense for Honda Owners to Upgrade to Acura


Cross-shopping Acura and Honda vehicles is a growing trend among forward-thinking consumers nowadays. A lot of them are reviewing their options conscientiously to make a worthwhile purchase decision. Despite the class dynamic, both brands have strong consumer loyalty because of the value and reliability each brings. If a Honda driver is considering the switch, what are some of the highlights of upgrading to an Acura?

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VIDEO: The Importance of Purchasing OEM Acura Oil Filters

Acura Oil Filters

Oil filters are an integral part of your engine's health. Oil filters protect your engine from all the gunk and muck that accumulate from engine use. The filter catches these particles and keeps your engine and all its components safe from harm. Over time, a filter will become less useful and the gunk and muck may begin to make its way to sensitive engine parts, causing untold damage to the engine and taking time off your Acura's lifespan. 

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