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About Acura PMC Edition

NSX and RDX PMC with Thermal Orange Pearl  

With a rich heritage dating to the middle of the 1980s, Acura has gained American consumers' respect and trust in the luxury market. For generations, this Japanese automotive brand has delivered sporty vehicles with premium features and cutting-edge technologies. Acura also operates several models that carry the exclusive PMC Edition nameplate. Tuned for sporty performance, these high-end vehicles are produced in limited quantities every year.

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How Long Has Acura Been Around?

In-dash navigation on the  2021 Acura RDX

Acura, Honda's luxury automobile division, has been in existence since the 1980s. The company's concept was introduced in 1981, and the name "Acura" was introduced three years later to the public, along with 60 dealerships showcasing the company's first cars. Since its debut several decades ago, Acura has remained a fixture on the automotive scene, and it's a world-recognized brand name for people who want to buy a luxury car.

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How to Use AcuraWatch


Vehicle safety features are vital tools to help instill confidence in drivers while sharing the road. AcuraWatch is a collection of the latest safety technology that assists in mitigating collisions. These features work toward creating a zero-collision society and ensuring safety for all occupants.

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Why it Makes Sense for Honda Owners to Upgrade to Acura


Cross-shopping Acura and Honda vehicles is a growing trend among forward-thinking consumers nowadays. A lot of them are reviewing their options conscientiously to make a worthwhile purchase decision. Despite the class dynamic, both brands have strong consumer loyalty because of the value and reliability each brings. If a Honda driver is considering the switch, what are some of the highlights of upgrading to an Acura?

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Which Acura Models Have AWD?

2018 Acura TLX

So you're set on the luxurious sophistication of an Acura, but you're concerned about having a vehicle that will be able to handle both inclement weather and tough terrain with ease. Fortunately, several vehicles in Acura's lineup are available with all-wheel drive. Here are the options to consider.

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