AcuraLink is Acura's new way of being completely connected to your car. Via an app installed on your Apple or Android smartphone, you will unlock features that were never possible with an Acura before.

With AcuraLink, you will be able to monitor your Acura's condition to keep it running at its peak level of performance. From the virtual dashboard, you can remotely monitor your Acura's tire pressure, fuel level, range, oil life, and total mileage readings. You can even search for a destination on your smartphone and then send the directions to your Acura's navigation system. Once you have arrived at your destination, AcuraLink will send walking directions from your parking place to your destination via Acura Link's Last Mile feature.

AcuraLink can also be used to connect with Acura's roadside assistance service. AcuraLink can automatically detect a collision and contact emergency assistance personnel, getting you immediate access even if you are unable to dial for help.

With AcuraLink, you can also start your Acura remotely to have the car nice and cool on those hot Arizona afternoons. AcuraLink can even be connected to your Amazon account so you can receive packages directly to the trunk of your Acura via Amazon's "Key by Amazon" delivery service.

AcuraLink will also keep you informed about the security of your vehicle. If your alarm is triggered, AcuraLink will notify you immediately. It can even alert you if your Acura is being driven above a specified speed or outside or a particular geographic area.

Finally, for the ultimate in luxury, you can opt into AcuraLink's Personal Concierge service. This premium feature will allow you to make restaurant, hotel, and airline reservations all from the comfort of your driver's seat.

If you are interested in discovering all of AcuraLink's capabilities, contact Acura of Peoria today!

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