Cross-shopping Acura and Honda vehicles is a growing trend among forward-thinking consumers nowadays. A lot of them are reviewing their options conscientiously to make a worthwhile purchase decision. Despite the class dynamic, both brands have strong consumer loyalty because of the value and reliability each brings. If a Honda driver is considering the switch, what are some of the highlights of upgrading to an Acura?

The Premium Experience

As a luxury class brand, Acura carries a higher price tag, but is it worth the extra dollars? For this, shoppers need a comprehensive comparison test to put a value on performance, reliability, safety, aesthetics, and so forth. Some consumers believe these two brands have subtle differences, so it ultimately comes down to driver preference. Being a luxury brand, Acura caters to a market that has an insatiable appetite for premium designs and features. Although the automakers share some similarities, Acura boasts exclusive high-end technologies, upscale trims with larger than life comforts.

Impressively Productive and Efficient

Acura measures up to its parent, Honda, across all performance categories, including impressive safety ratings, efficiency, and reliability. Both brands are top-ranking performers in their respective tiers. The two brands offer a coveted lineup of compact crossovers, sedans, SUVs, and more.

Honda has long influenced consumers looking for compact to midsize vehicles; requirements quickly met with some competitively priced Acura options. Acura-branded SUVs and sedans boast edgier designs, adding a touch of prestige to the driving experience. Similar to Honda, Acura is an award-winning family favorite, swaying consumers with ethereal luxury in a compact design.

Acura Vehicles

Technologically Forward Driving

The latest Acura vehicles have state-of-the-art driver assistance features that take the stress out of navigation. Keeping vehicles locked is something drivers forget unintentionally, which increases the risks of theft and security breaches. With Acura providing round-the-clock monitoring and instant reminders, it is possible to lock your car from anywhere.

It has never disappointed when it comes to maintaining high-performance and pleasing consumers where it counts. A noiseless engine? Yes, despite not having an electric vehicle, Acura engines have given a whole new meaning to driving in silence.

So, the question every Honda owner should be asking, is why not a well-designed, spacious, reliable vehicle? Acura is bringing a lot to the table; sophistication, appeal, reliability, performance, value, and nostalgia. It makes perfect sense for a Honda driver to move up to an Acura. Want to know more? Visit Acura of Peoria to explore upgrade options.