NSX and RDX PMC with Thermal Orange Pearl  

With a rich heritage dating to the middle of the 1980s, Acura has gained American consumers' respect and trust in the luxury market. For generations, this Japanese automotive brand has delivered sporty vehicles with premium features and cutting-edge technologies. Acura also operates several models that carry the exclusive PMC Edition nameplate. Tuned for sporty performance, these high-end vehicles are produced in limited quantities every year.

Exclusive Design of the Performance Manufacturing Center

Occupying 200,000 square feet, Acura's Performance Manufacturing Center is a state-of-the-art facility used to assemble custom models for the highly competitive American marketplace. The Japanese auto brand only releases up to 360 units of the PMC Edition every fiscal year. Each trim at the assembly plant is carefully built and customized by experienced technicians. Every PMC Edition vehicle is manufactured with the ultimate precision for a highly dynamic niche in North America. Consumers expect superb craftsmanship and attention to detail from the experts at the Performance Manufacturing Center.

PMC Emblem  

Hand-built mechanical components and other accessories indeed justify any Acura model's premium price that wears the exclusive PMC Edition badge. For example, the RDX PMC model is equipped with the Adaptive Damper System that delivers an exceptional ride on rough pavement or unpaved trails. This dynamic suspension system has been thoroughly tested to withstand a wide range of harsh conditions on or off the road. Acura RDX trims that wear the PMC Edition badge are covered in the stunning NSX Thermal Orange Pearl finish. Inside the luxurious cabin, this crossover SUV has ergonomic sport seats with perforated Ultrasuede upholstery and orange stitching patterns for visual contrast.

A metallic badge with a unique PMC Edition identification is integrated into the car's center console. Under the hood, the RDX PMC trim has a turbocharged engine block that unleashes slightly more than 270 total horsepower. This high-output powerplant includes the signature VTEC design for efficient operations. The Acura MDX and TLX models made at the Performance Manufacturing Center are available in the dazzling Valencia Red Pearl paint. A touch of Gloss Black accents looks excellent with this eye-catching exterior color. Both vehicles are fitted with a six-cylinder engine block that produces up to 290 net horsepower. These custom-built Acura models also roll on the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive for superb handling on paved surfaces.

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