Acura HomeLink  

These days it’s prevalent to see vehicles that pair up with our smart technology and other devices that we use each day. Automobile manufacturers such as Acura have gone to great lengths to make our lives easier using technology like Acura HomeLink. This is a very easy-to-use system that allows you to open your garage door opener without having to keep your remote handy all the time. It’s also really convenient if you’ve lost your remote. The latest version of the Acura HomeLink system comes standard in models such as the MDX and TLX. You can even program other things to one of your three available buttons, including a gate that you may have at the end of your driveway or lights that are on the front of your home.

How to Program Acura HomeLink

It’s effortless to program your HomeLink system to whatever you want to use it with. The process varies a little bit from item to item, but the concept is generally the same. Your vehicle automatically senses these items you’re trying to program, eliminating a lot of the stress you would otherwise experience during the programming phase.

Look for the row of HomeLink buttons that are typically located right above your rearview mirror, on the ceiling of your vehicle. Check to see if all of the buttons have been cleared of other technology by holding the two outside buttons down for about half a minute. This allows you to begin the process of programming your requests.

To program your garage door opener, unplug your opener from inside of your garage. Go to your Acura, and hold the garage door remote close to your HomeLink buttons. The opener should automatically be recognized. When the light on your HomeLink system starts to blink, plug your garage door opener back in. Test your HomeLink button to see if it will now control the opener without using your handheld remote control.

The Acura HomeLink system is hooked up directly to the electrical system in your vehicle, so don’t worry about checking any battery levels over time. You’ll always be able to rely on your HomeLink no matter when you’re trying to use it. If you have issues programming your HomeLink or want to learn more about this system, please feel free to reach out to Acura of Peoria anytime. Our technicians would be more than happy to help you.