Acura Teases New ARX-06 Prototype  

Recently, Acura Motorsports has released some of the first pictures of the electrified Acura ARX-06 LMDh prototype. This vehicle will race in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. This will be part of the hybrid-powered GTP category starting in 2023


The ARX-06 stands for the Acura Racing Experimental, generation 6. It is part of a successful line of endurance prototype models that started in 1991. The development team for this vehicle had representatives that said that the way they design the racing car is virtually identical to the way they create passenger vehicles for Acura.

The way it went is that the stylists with world-class talent that led the Acura production design made a few starting sketches. Then, these sketches were converted into a few simple designs. After that, the team made a scale model. This then went into wind tunnel model testing, followed by feedback about what needed to be improved.

This process then continued going from testing to refinement to evaluation until it finally arrived at a version that met the performance goals that the team had been striving for. At the same time, the team made sure that they still kept the Acura styling that has become a distinct part of their brand.


The Acura ARX-06 is just the latest version of the racing vehicle from Acura that started in 1991. In 1986, the Acura brand launched, so the brand put out a racing vehicle just a short time after the brand even started in the first place. The ARX-06 will use the special ORECA chassis. It will also have bodywork unique to Acura as well as the usual aerodynamics and internal combustion engine.

Acura is teaming up with the Wayne Taylor Racing and Meyer Shank Racing groups to help make hybrid-powered vehicles for 2023. The Acura brand has a history of winning championships plural in 2019 and 202. They have also won the Rolex 24 in both of the last two years. Podium finishes also happened frequently due to this partnership.

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