Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

Performing maintenance on your vehicle is an important part of the Spring season. If you have a lot of road trip plans this year, you should make sure you get your vehicle checked out and fixed up to make sure it's ready for whatever you want to do.

Air Conditioning Checks

It's important to check to make sure your A/C is working in general, but it's particularly important if you live in a rather hot area. All you have to do for this is turn your AC on and try all the different airspeeds. If the air is strong and cold, then you should be fine. Otherwise, you should have a pro look it over.


If you dented or dinged some part of your vehicle over the winter, you should probably know it by checking over the vehicle. It's a good time to get these issues checked out and fixed. Leaving them could degrade your vehicle's value, after all.

Suspension and Steering

The cycles of things freezing and then thawing out create potholes, and when you hit these, it can cause damage to your suspension and steering. It's a good idea to check it out in general because it could cause alignment and even suspension problems.

A Full Cleaning

Spring is a great time for doing a full cleaning for every part of your vehicle. It's good to clean it both outside and inside. You need to get out the dirt on the outside and clean out floor mats. A car wash may be in order depending on the situation, for example. Vacuuming everywhere is also often a great idea. Your upholstery may have stains, so you should handle that as well. If you also add wax to the outside, then all that rain in April should be easily repelled.

Other Considerations

It's also a good idea to make sure you check your tires to make sure they don't have any slow leaks and that there aren't any problems with them. You should also make sure your emergency kit is up to spec, as well as jumper cables, flashlights, and so on.

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