Acura RDX w/ A-Spec Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Acura RDX?

As with any vehicle, your Acura RDX requires regular service to stay in top shape. Additionally, regular maintenance will help avoid more serious and potentially more costly problems down the road by detecting and correcting minor issues before they become severe problems. Whether you're bringing your Acura in for its first mileage-based checkup or it's reached six figures on the odometer, it's essential to follow the recommended service schedule in the car's owner's manual. The owner's manual provides the most accurate list of service requirements for your particular model and trim.

5,000-Mile Service

Service for the Acura RDX begins at 5,000 miles. At this first service point, your Acura will have the engine oil changed, and the engine's filter will be changed to ensure fresh air circulates through the engine. The car's tires will need to be rotated to ensure the tread wears in an even pattern. An Acura mechanic will also look at the tires to ensure they are correctly inflated and have enough tread depth left. The parking brake will be checked at 5,000 miles, and the air filter in the cabin that removes dust and pollen will be checked and possibly replaced as well.

30,000-Mile Service

The next primary service that your Acura will have is at 30,000 miles. When your Acura reaches this mileage, it will have the battery inspected to ensure enough power is left, and there are no issues such as leaking or corrosion. The air cleaner element gets replaced at 30,000 miles as well. All four wheels will be aligned to help the car drive properly. Your Acura's tires will be balanced and rotated at 30,000 miles, and it will have the wiper blades replaced on the outside for safety.


When your RDX reaches the 60,000-mile mark, it will have the power steering fluid flushed. The car may also need the tires rotated, and the oil changed depending on when both services were performed last. An Acura mechanic will give your vehicle a general overview as well to check for other issues.

90,000-Mile Service

The next time that your Acura RDX needs service is 90,000 miles. The brake fluid will be exchanged when your car hits 90,000 miles for safety and performance.

160,000-Mile Service

When your Acura gets to 160,000 miles, this is when your spark plugs are replaced.

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