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What Is the Acura TLX Maintenance Schedule?

The Acura TLX is an invigorating sedan that gives you style and performance. Of course, routine maintenance will keep it operating at its peak. See the general intervals we provide below to help you maintain your TLX's optimal capabilities. Please note that your model year's owner's manual will provide you with clear Acura TLX service intervals to help you understand your specific trim's needs.

15,000-Mile Service

Typically, this milestone involves an oil change if the given vehicle requires one. This is also the point where brakes and tires need a thorough check for wear. Additionally, a certified Acura technician will examine your vehicle's safety features to ensure proper operation. These include wipers, headlights, and related components.

30,000-Mile Service

An oil change may occur at this milepost, too. You should also have your TLX's brakes, and tires inspected again. At this interval, you may also need your sedan's air filter and fuel filter changed. If you drive or park in dusty areas, your air filter may require shorter replacement intervals.

60,000-Mile Service

At 60,000 miles, additional components will likely need to be checked. If your original brakes and brake fluid have lasted this far, it may be time to replace them. Between 60,000 and 75,000 miles, vehicles typically need new coolant and transmission fluid, so expect a changeover at this interval. It is also common to inspect the battery at this mileage.

90,000-Mile Service

Expect a comprehensive checkup at this point. Your technician may inspect many of the items from the 60,000-mile service again. Also, this is the likeliest point for replacing the vehicle's original hoses, belts, spark plugs, and power-steering fluid.

When you keep up with your Acura TLX maintenance schedule, you extend your sedan's performance and longevity. Count on our team of certified Acura technicians to give your TLX professional attention. If you have any questions about your Acura TLX's service intervals, please feel free to reach out to our Service Department. We will assist you with a smile.


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