2020 Acura TLX Rear Exterior

No one likes a shaking car. The reason behind the shake can be one of many potential culprits, and getting to the bottom of the issue is essential for your safety. Some of the more common causes are addressed below, but this information is not intended to replace a proper diagnosis from our expert team here at Acura of Peoria.


If the steering wheel is feeling shaky while you are driving, there is a chance that your wheels have sustained damage. Ball joints, tie rod ends, and wheel bearings can cause shaking when they are not performing properly. Issues with your wheels can be hazardous and should be addressed right away.


Two common engine components can result in the vehicle shaking - the air filter and the spark plugs. Depending on the car, the spark plugs can last up to 100,000 miles. If these are not the issue, the shaking may be a dirty air filter preventing enough oxygen from getting to the engine.


Brake pads that need to be replaced can sometimes cause a vehicle to shake. To know how often your particular car needs new brake pads, check out your owner's manual, or bring it in to see our team for an inspection. While brake pads can last 50,000 miles or more, many factors can reduce their lifespan and result in requiring more frequent replacement.


Your vehicle has two axles. If either, or even both, get damaged, vibration may start to occur when you accelerate. Axles are relatively sturdy but can be bent or dented if you are involved in even a minor accident.


Tires are a crucial vehicle component that does not always get all of the attention they need. Vehicle shaking can be caused by tires that have not been properly aligned or balanced, as well as by under or overinflated tires.

Ultimately, the best way to determine why your vehicle has started shaking is to bring it to our experts here at Acura of Peoria as soon as possible.


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